We believe that CSR work is the way which we need fill our roles and responsibilities within our community and contribute positive vibes to the society and the environment to build a sustainable communities in the future.

Last Saturday, on 6th July 2019, a team from MTSC had been spending half day visit to St. Joseph’s Home. St Joseph’s Home(formerly known as St Joseph’s Orphanage), is an orphanage home located at  Penang Road, in George Town, Penang. It is located within the same compound as the Church of St Francis Xavier. St Joseph’s Home have 39 resident children between the ages  5 and 17, with 24 girls and 15 boys. Staffs were given a guided tour showing the environment of the place. Staff also given a session to do yoga activity that had been instructed by Master Chai. After yoga session, all staff and the kids had the chances to eat together.

The visit allowed us an opportunity to have an up-close understanding and relation with the kids. We hope that this visit can be meaningful to our staff and the kids. And we also hope that the token given will help on the kids welfare.