On 2-4th March 2023, MTSC Solution had participate in INATRONICS 2023 with collaboration with our well-known principal – Vitrox, Fab Finder and MTSC Innovation. This collaboration was the first co-exhibition of 2023.

During the exhibition, Vitrox showcase Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Intelligence Solutions – V-ONE , V-ONE is an Industrial 4.0 BIG Data Analytics platform that collects BIG data from machine which target on Cloud, Fog or Edge processing for analysis, with fully flexible visualization drill down charts and flexible dashboard to provide meaningful analytics to users in real time basis and extend the platform towards complete data feeding for Artificial Intelligence processing.

Fab-Finder also brings their Auto-Dry Cabinet which provide smart storage solutions for drying, baking, storing, and testing moisture sensitive devices (MSDs). Dry Cabinet, can be adjusted between 0.5%Rh – 95%Rh (Relative Humidity) and 2ᵒC – 125ᵒC temperature values. This Dry Cabinet solutions increase productivity by contributing to production quality and increase production profitability by preventing high-cost production failures.

MTSC Innovation, a subsidiary of MTSC Solution, presents a self-developed traceability system that enables manufacturers to enhance their process efficiency and quality. The software offers a user-friendly experience, making it intuitive and straightforward to operate even for non-technical users.

During this 3 days exhibition, we also showcase other product and equipment such as PTI and fixture, Thermaltronics soldering, test & measurement instrument and etc. We would like to thank to all principle who have made this collaboration a success in line with the MTSC tagline, Your Solution Partner as we bring the SMT Line solution for the industry!