IOT integration

We integrate device, collect and visualize real-time data such as PLC readings, machine health status and sensor data with a graphical dashboard. Connect and linking up machine and devices of different brands or different platform easily with Web API or file transferring.


  1. Raw Data Processing
  2. Sensor IOT integration
  3. Analog/Digital Signal Integration to Database
  4. Temperature Sensor Integration
  5. Vacuum Sensor Integration
  6. Application Programming Interface (API) development
  7. Database Design.



To manage the device using suitable tools integrated with cloud service/local database.

Use advanced modelling features to combine data device from multiple data source, define metrics and secure data.

Prepare a data model that can provide an easier way for user to perform ad hoc data analysis tools like V-one

To build up case study or portfolio for total IOT solution.

Identify Data Pattern, Data anomalies, Show correlation, Predict outcome.

Data migration to cloud for digitalization purpose.

Supporting problem solving process to solve quality problem as well impact the design of future problem-solving process.